The wind has Risen

4:53 pm, in the eye of the tornado


What a crappy day! probably crapier than yesterday, less crappy than tomorrow. Took me 2 pills in few hours to chill. I’ve been trying to get a job, mostly because according to everyone having an activity will help you get outta “rat holes”. I don’t believe shit! but then again, i’m willing to try almost anything that could make me feel more of an alive human being. Of course the money will be useful too, but i don’t even know what sold i’m supposed to have. I knew from the begin that i’ll have problems with something.


If i’d be superstitious, i’d blame the many mirrors i broke all this time or some witchy witch that doomed me with all this bad luck, but in the end i have no idea why the fuck all this chain of bad things keep on happenin’ . :|

Rad it all here :


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