My troubled high-school years

when everything started.


Personality disorders

Just made another post about the troubles i’m dealing with.

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and how i deal with it. Written a few words in here

New job and it’s stress

Not sure i’ll be able to cope 😦 Read post @

Past, Present, Future

I have written a little about my childhood, pretty much a decisive factor for who i really am today. As about living the the present, read the entire post in my new blog, 

About the inner struggles

Yet another diary page, how to overcome depression

All this worries, limitations, people, rules you must obey in order to fit, to be accepted or liked. I hate them all and everything. This is my prison, the reason of all my depressions and sorrows, the reason of all my anxieties and torments, the reason of all my nightmares, my miseries and struggles.

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